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Antonluca Iasi - Salento Food Porn
Antonluca Iasi – Salento Food Porn

I am Antonluca Iasi, I was born and raised in Salento (south of Puglia), a land where I have always lived, except for the 5 years spent in Milan.

I became a lawyer but what I am by passion and by vocation is born and develops in the warmest and most loving environment of a home, the place of meeting and recollection par excellence, the kitchen of my grandmother. Her recipes, her knowledge, the ancient smells and tastes, the Sunday family lunches, the awakening of tomato sauce, hot bread and coffee, the skill of her hands, love. And it’s a love that lasts a lifetime for the kitchen. I continued like this, passionate about food, cooking in all its forms, talking about food, cooking for friends and relatives, photographing food, attending cooking classes, traveling and exploring in search of new perfumes, new shapes and combinations, tasting and always experimenting.

Today I am 32 years old and I decided to be a foodblogger.

But SALENTO FOOD PORN does not want to be a simple blog. This site with its social pages will be your guide to find out what and above all where to eat in Salento. We will enter together in taverns, restaurants, pizzerias, sandwich shops, pastry shops, takeaways and fry station; we will also discover the vineries, breweries and local producers. We will do it without ever taking ourselves too seriously, because our passion for this world makes fun our only purpose.

For the most demanding we will organize cooking classes, food tours around Salento, tailor-made lunches and dinners, discovering farms and other beautiful locations.

So stay tuned on our channels because this will be a travel that we will do together.


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